A la carte menu



Duck Foie Gras torchon with strawberry and pistachio 3990.-

Duck Foie Gras marinaded in Porto wine, gently tempered, cooled and sliced with light and airy pistachio sponge cake, served with elderberry marinated strawberry and pistachio seed powder.

Salad variation with green herb mayonnaise, black rice chips 2790.-

Thinly sliced carrots, beets, asparagus and other early vegetables, baby green salads with mixed herbs (tarragon, chervil, dill, parsley), seasoned mayonnaise and stir-fried black rice.

Veal ”tartare” 3890.-

Finely cubed raw veal, capers in olive oil, pickled cucumber, jus and Maldon salt mix served in two pieces of crispy bread chips and garnished with beets and horseradish sauce.




Újházi hen soup 2290.-

Rich hen soup based on the original and classic recipe with shiitake mushroom, carrot, garden-fresh peas and garganelli, served with confit chicken wing fillet.

Goulash soup 2490.-

Traditional goulash soup made of beef cheek, root vegetables, Spätzle and sweet organic red paprika, served separately - mirepoix and meat in the plate, the broth in a porcelain jug.

Asparagus cream soup, ricotta filled tortellini 2390.-

White asparagus soup with home-made wild garlic, ricotta filled tortellini and two-colored asparagus.


Main courses


Grilled salmon with green peas purée and Hollandaise sauce 4790.- 

Herb and citrus marinated grilled salmon served with creamy pea purée, asparagus, garden-fresh green pea, Hollandaise sauce and tender herbs.

Duck breast with cabbage-noodles, onion purée, mushrooms 4990.-

Rosé duck breast, home-made agnolotti filled with sticky spiced and caramelised cabbage, served with onion purée, roasted eringi mushrooms and marinated romaine lettuce.

Sous-vide pullet breast with „airy” creamy potatoes 3490.-

Sous vide grilled pullet breast, creamy, siphon whipped potato stew with boiled and roasted white and purple potato cubes, baby spinach simmered in butter, confit eggyolk and celery.

Beef stew with egg barley 3890.-

Beef stew with sun-dried tomato and marinated red onion, egg barley with scallion and finely diced potato on a bed of onions blended with celery and parsley.

Eggplant stuffed with mushroom ragout 3890.-

Eggplant rolls baked and stuffed with goat cheese and mushroom ragout, served with Jerusalem artichoke purée and colored vegetables simmered in butter.

Rabbit in creamy sauce 4790.-

Minced rabbit thighs in vegetable ragout served in homemade lasagna sheets with silky game sauce, glazed baby carrots and broccolini.

Wiener Schnitzel from veal with mayonnaise-based potato salad 4990.-

Wiener Schnitzel, based on the original recipe, fried in crispy panko bread crumbs with onion-vinegar marinated and mayonnaise-based potato salad, finely diced cornichon

Classic Tafelspitz (boiled beef) 6990.-

Old-time meat broth made from boiled round beef, root vegetables and pasta with bone marrow and toasted bread on the side, plus boiled beef served with three kinds of dressing (horse radish applesauce, spinach sauce and green herb mayonnaise) and potatoes rolled in simmered onions. 




Apple pie 1890.-

Light mousse on crispy cookie crumbs served with caramelised apple and cinnamon ice cream.


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