A la carte menu



Duck foie gras, green nuts and caramelized onion      3990.-

Beef rump with mustard, tomato-pesto and quail egg     3290.-

Salmon tartare with avocado and horseradish crème fraîche     2990.-

Chili shrimp with chorizo and pakchoy     3590.-



Central goulash          2690.-

Guinea fowl broth with truffle dumpling and sherry       2190.-

Pumpkin soup with crispy mangalica ham and pumpkin seed oil       1990.-

Deer ragout soup with apple-potato dumpling          2490.-


Main courses

Central-salad with grilled melusine cheese or chicken breast       3590.-

Duck leg confit with foie gras veloute and pruneaux dumpling       5990.-

Pike perch Carpathian style with dill curd-cheese dumplings       4690.-

Mangalica paprika stew, small dumpling with egg, creamy cucumber salad      3990.-

Rosé pork tenderloin, Sauerkraut stew (Transylvanian cabbage) and potato fritters     3990.-

„Fledermaus”- veal medallion with mayonnaise potato salad and crispy vegetables      4790.-

Lamb rump-steak with polenta, ewe cheese and baked tomato         6590.-

Rib eye steak, grilled vegetables, potato mash with caramellized onion, green pepper sauce      8490.-



Gundel pancake         2190.-


Poppyseed soufflé         1490.-


You may find our extensive selection of traditionally Hungarian desserts and fancy cakes in our desserts menu and confectionery counter!


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Our prices include VAT.

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