Pork knuckle and duck liver terrine 3550.-

- Pistachio, raspberry, financier


Smoked beef tongue 3150.-

- “Cucumber salad”, beef rillette, panko, horseradish



Creamy asparagus soup   2350.-

- Spinach, bergamot oil


Baked duck essence 2150.-

- Egg, semolina dumpling, wonton, vegetables



Mangalica pork chop 5450.-

- Hungarian lecsó, sheep cottage cheese, egg noodle dumpling


King crab 4250.-

- Chili, ginger, linguine, garlic, hazelnut


Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast or grilled cheese 3850.-

- Parmesan, anchovy, garlic, mayonnaise


Rose duck breast 6250.-

- Truffle mashed potatoes, red wine cherry, crispy duck



Lemon tart 1650.-

- Raspberry, chocolate, meringue, fresh fruit


Chocolate mousse 2250.-

- Hazelnut, passion fruit coulis, fresh fruit



Our prices are in HUF and include VAT. 

We charge 13 % service fee on food and beverage consumption.


If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please let your server know upon placing your order. To help, our easy to use guide covers the most common allergens as well as suitability for vegetarians or vegans.


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