Dobos 950.-

- vanilla biscuit, chocolate cream, caramel on top


Esterházy 950.-

- walnut biscuit, light walnut-vanilla cream and fondant on top


Opera 950.-

- bitter chocolate biscuit, crispy almond wafer, bitter chocolate mousse, coffee mousse, bitter chocolate jelly


Sacher 950.-

- the original recipe - biscuit, homemade apricot jam, bitter chocolate


Grapefruit cheesecake 950.-

- spicy outmeal biscuit, grapefruit, cream cheese, fresh fruit, bitter chocolate




Flodni fantasy 950.-

- shortbread, homemade plum jam, nut, poppy seed and steamed apple


Curd cheese tart à la Rákóczi 850.-

- almond tart, homemade apricot jam, cottage cheese, merinque


CKO 850.-

- Central Oreo - chocolate-butter biscuit filled with white chocolate cream


Macarons 300.-


Fruit pie 850.-





Central cakelet 950.-

- almond flour biscuit, coffee mousse, white chocolate mousse, blackcurrant jelly


Chestnut pyramid 950.-

- sponge cake with chocolate liquor, chestnut and tonka bean mousse filled with cherry ragout


Light curd and fruit dessert 950.-

- xylitol, gluten-free chocholate biscuit, cottage-cheese cream, fruit mousse and fruit jelly




Somlói cup 950.-

- three kinds of sponge cake light biscuit, vanilla cream, nut, rum-chocolate dressing


Black Forest 950.-

- chocolate sponge cake, sour cherry jelly, cherry palinka and white-choco mousse, dark chocolate mousse


Blackburry Panna Cotta 1250.-

- spicy coconut milk pudding with blackberry jelly and coconut crumb (sugar-, gluten- and lactose free)




Plum dessert 850.-

- cocoa-honey biscuit, cinnamon-plum mousse, plum jelly - a real winter delicacy



Coco-choco bomb 950.-

- chocolate biscuit, dark chocolate mousse and coconut mousse with crispy almond crumbs inside


Poppyseed-orange square  850.-

- poppy-seed biscuit, poppy-seed mousse, orange-mandarin jelly


Caramel Éclair 850.-

- cream caramel, with almond caramel bits in a parboiled-fried cake basket



Takeaway cakes


Our best desserts have just been reinvented as takeaway cakes, made to be cut into 8 pieces (Dobos / Esterhazy / Sacher / Opera / Curd and Fruit Cake). By prior arrangement each cake may also be ordered in different sizes and flavours, or with customised decoration. Ask our waiters for more information!  6900.-


Give macarons as a present!


Surprise your loved ones with one of our cookies packed in a deluxe box.


4 pieces of macarons in a deluxe box 1250.-

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