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Dobos 1450.-

- Vanilla sponge cake layered with chocolate buttercream and covered with caramel glaze, presented with ice cream, fruit sauce and seasonal fruits


Esterházy 1450.-

- Walnut sponge cake with light walnut–vanilla cream and fondant glaze on top, presented with sorbet, fruit sauce and fresh fruits


Opera 1450.-

- Dark chocolate sponge cake with almond praline, dark chocolate and coffee mousse layers and dark chocolate glaze on top, presented with ice cream, fruit sauce and fresh fruits


Sacher 1450.-

- The original recipe: sponge cake filled with homemade apricot jam and covered with Belgian dark chocolate, presented with sorbet, fruit sauce and seasonal fruits




Central cakelet 950.-

- Almond flour sponge cake with coffee and white chocolate mousse and with black currant jelly in the centre


Light curd and fruit dessert with xylitol 950.-

- Gluten-free chocolate sponge cake with foamy cottage cheese cream, fruit mousse and forest fruit jelly


Spicy summer 950.-

- Honey ginger sponge cake with mascarpone apricot cream and sour lime jelly


Yogurt sour cherry tunnel 950.-

- Yogurt cream with honey and pulpy sour cherry jelly on dark chocolate sponge


Caribbean cocktail 1150.-

- Pineapple coconut mousse with mango passion fruit jelly on soft coconut sponge


Blackcurrant dessert 950.-

- Blackcurrant and yogurt cream with blackcurrant jelly on vanilla sponge cake


Chocolate caramel hut 1150.-

- Walnut almond hazelnut chocolate mousse filled with soft salted caramel on butter sponge cake




Somlói sponge cake 1050.-

- Light sponge cake, orange vanilla cream, walnut, rum chocolate sauce


Raspberry Panna Cotta 1250.-

- Seasoned coconut milk pudding with raspberry jelly and coconut crumb (with sweetener, sugar-, gluten-, lactose - and egg-free)


Refreshing dessert cocktail 1250.-

- Cucumber foam, lemon cream, strawberry jelly with fresh strawberry and cucumber sponge cake layer




Mascarpone dream 950.-

- Linzer dough with baked mascarpone cream and mango jelly


Flodni fantasy 950.-

- Vanilla tart glazed with homemade plum jam and filled with walnut, poppy seed and wine poached apple


Rákóczi tart 950.-

- Almond tart with homemade apricot jam, cottage cheese filling and with meringue on top


Central Oreo cookie 750.-

- Dark chocolate butter cookie filled with white chocolate cream


Ischler 750.-

- Two linzer cookies filled with homemade red currant jam and covered with Belgian dark chocolate


Fruit pie 750.-


Macarons 300.-




Our best desserts have just been reinvented as takeaway cakes, made to be cut into 8 slices (Dobos, Eszterházy, Sacher, Mascarpone Dream, Curd and Fruit Cake). By prior arrangement each cake may also be ordered in different sizes and flavours, or with customized decoration. Ask our Colleagues for more information!  6900.-



Surprise your loved ones with macarons packed in a fancy box.

4 pieces of macarons in a gift box: 1250.-

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