Dobos     750.-

vanilla biscuit, chocolate cream, caramel on top


Esterházy      850.-

walnut biscuit, light walnut-vanilla cream and fondant on top


Centrál      950.-

almond flour biscuit, coffee mousse, white chocolate mousse, blackcurrant jelly


Opera      850.-

dark chocolate biscuit, crispy almond wafer, dark chocolate mousse, coffee mousse, dark chocolate jelly


Sacher      750.-

the original recipe, biscuit, homemade apricot jam, covered with dark chocolate


Chestnut pyramid     750.-

sponge cake with chocolate liquor, chestnut and Tonka bean mousse filled with cherry ragout


Banana-caramel mousse     750.-

light sponge cake, filled with soft caramel mousse with banana jelly, crunchy almonds


Grand Tokaj mousse      1150.-

dark chocolate sponge cake with light Tokaji Aszú mousse, wine-steamed apple purée, crunchy walnuts


Orange cheesecake      750.-

spicy outmeal biscuit, orange cream cheese, dark chocolate


Poppy-seed-orange square      850.-

poppy seed sponge cake, poppy seed mousse, orange-tangerine jelly


Abriconilla       850.-

ginger sponge cake with white chocolate mousse, fleurs du sel, apricot jelly


Light fruity cottage-cheese dessert      850.-

birch sugar, gluten-free chocholate biscuit, cottage-cheese cream, fruit mousse and fruit jelly


Somlói Sponge cup      850.-

light biscuit, vanilla cream, nut, lemon Rum-chocolate dressing


Tiramisu      750.-

biscuit soaked in espresso, vanilla cream, bourbon vanilla, mascarpone




Flódni      750.-

shortbread, homemade plum jam, nut, poppy seed and steamed apple


Rákóczi túrós      750.-

almond tart, homemade apricot jam, cottage cheese, merinque


Daily offer from our pastry selection       500.-


Macarons      350.-


Take-home cakes     6900.-

Dobos – Esterházy – Sacher – Opera – Cheesecake – Light fruity cottage-cheese cake

Our best desserts have just been reinvented as take-home cakes, made to order and sliced into 8 large slices.  Each cake may also be ordered in other sizes and flavours, or with custom decoration, subject to prior agreement.  Ask one of our waiters for more information!


Urbán Gábor patisserie chef

Take our delicious desserts home with you! 


If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please let your server know upon placing your order. To help, our easy to use guide covers the most common allergens as well as suitability for vegetarians or vegans.

Dear Customers! Please note that we have an additional 13% service charge. Our prices include VAT.

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